Sunday arrives ontime

The gray of the morning hopefully will stay a while. The birds seem exuberant about the change in weather and they are not alone.

Today one will clean a garage, seems odd like I did this not to long ago. Strange that garages seem to be a place where no one really wants to be yet we seem to spend an inordinate amount time cleaning them.

The day should not be as hot; maybe the opportunity to get to the water will arise. One will hope. To sit in the sand and watch waves slowly break onto the beach is something one needs to do from time to time. Letting the slight breeze rush by, as the covered sun will try to break through the clouds. Let the mind drift along seeking out ideals and hopes of the future.

Take the opportunity to try and find something positive about oneself. See why being here is important or even necessary, beyond economics. Seek solace not with solutions, which will arise along the way, but with hope that solutions can arise along the way. Dream again.

Good Luck and Peace.