When do we know that enough has been said? They are dangerous. Each of us use them anyway we like, but do we know how the effect another? Do you truly believe you understand another’s thought process? Do you really have any clue how words can harm another?

Think carefully and accept that the answer is NO. None of us can truly know how much words can harm another. Ever said anything never thinking it would bother another and been shocked when it did? The outcome was not intended but it happened. Now what?

Ever known a person who continued to use words that were destructive to another? Why do they continue riding down a path that will lead to someone else destruction? Can they be so self absorbed to not notice or are they truly that cruel?

We each have the ability in us to hurt the ones that are or were closest to us. Why go down that road, what result can be had? Unless, someone truly believes in there heart that they are doing what is best, where to go from there? What now?

What if what they said is right?

Do we accept it or move on...unknown.