The birds were up at the usual hour this morning even with the sun already breaking through the morning haze. Another day of sunshine...actually they say we are in for 10 or so days of sunshine and heat...ug. But on the other hand its nice to see the city in all its beauty when the sun shines cause the mountains and water will sparkle...now if we got a mixture that would be perfect, but perfections is highly unlikely.

Tourist guide day. Hopefully everyone will find something they enjoy. A city I love is hard to show sometimes, why I am not sure, maybe because it is important to me? Unknown answer or even question.

Vacation...how can I enjoy it so much and not have even gone anywhere? Being with people that I am comfortable with probably helps. At ease, its simple. The sadness seems to slip in some far away corner for hours at a time.

Trying to ignore the outside world for a bit longer. Enjoy the change.