Weekend is here...

And lots to do. But first waiting for the morning to take hold. The birds continue chirping loudly as the rain has stopped and the sun is working on returning. Actually I think my garden is ready for summer. Nothing other than zucchini has found enough heat to ripen or grow. The tomatoes continue to be flowers only...sadly I bet this year is a bust.

One must get in line with the chores in the house today and tomorrow. With 3/4 of the Hodge Lodge coming one must pick up and find space for them all. Clean more. Not that in general I am less than clean but sometimes company (not actually Okie/family but the other two *g*) deserve to have that extra done.

Laundry...hoping that all goes well, cannot deal with another breakdown. If the rain holds off a bit longer till I figure out the car that would be nifty as well. Complications seem to be arising from everywhere. One must struggle to look past.

So a busy weekend lies ahead. With an outline that needs to be filled in...motivation will be the key this weekend. Good news vacation is just around the corner, hence that alone can motivate me more than usual.

Looking forward to fun.