A tool of construction. However the great thing about blocks is the ability to deconstruct as easily as it is to build. Blocks have value unto themselves, but you can add them all up together and make something even niftier or take what is already there and rearrange them for something totally new.

Life is constructing and deconstructing. The path is movement up and down. We each can construct with very few. Survival does not actually take a lot. However the nifty thing is the ability to add to it...more can be accumulated. In that same respect some with so much can have something incredibly wonderful and someone with much less has the ability to have something just as splendid. Size and quantity has no actual bearing on ones happiness. Yes to have a basic set is important (for survival), but once that is accomplished all the rest is up to us. We create our future.

Deconstruction is part of the process of life. To create, one may sometimes have to take down pieces to rebuild foundations and form something more suited for our own well being. This in itself is part of the process one not to be forgotten.

Building seems to be an easier process then deconstruction and rebuild phase. Taking down something that seemed to fit into our landscape can be hard. The trick is to remember what surrounds us and to create something even beautiful and strong for the space. Get past the destructive part as best you can. But look about while rebuilding. One best keep focused on the plan and intent. To create something better suited for oneself. Perhaps not bigger, but stronger and more suited for ones own land. Creating Peace and security sometimes means less.

Remember it is not who has the most. It is more about what you do with what you have. Imagine all that there is. Create and rely with others. Remember it can all fall quickly, but reconstruction can be made fun as well. Something new and unknown is awaiting you.

Find your blocks or Lego’s. Enjoy.



Blogger Tamara said...

Good ramble material here. I liked it.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Spooky...I was thinking something along these very lines yesterday. The blocks can be seen as all the possibilities out there and once you begin construction you have in essence made a choice, but as you said you can build your structure and decide to remodel it a bit or completely start over from the bottom up...the possibilities are all there. The trick is letting go of the original structure you built...if you can't let go...it's difficult to begin anew.

6:30 PM  

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