Our country lives with it daily. Some nutcase goes kills innocent people with a gun. Not to surprising when gun laws continue to be easy and open access for all. Obviously a huge sore point for many on both sides of the court.

But reading one persons thought that cars are just as dangerous...yeah well at least with a car we license the driver (who takes classes to run it), we license the car and that both must be renewed and checked regularly where are such controls on guns?

Skipping past the obvious that I am all for gun control I have another issue about these innocents who died uselessly. Media. Dammit one nutso is enough did we have to post on every frickin’ site his glorified last words!!!! Do we have to entice others to follow in this idiots footsteps by setting it up to make him into some kind of sicko hero.

Why are the lead stories not about the innocent folks who died? Or about the backlash this dipshits family will have to take? How there family is coping with this or how there business will most likely suffer? How about the fact that immigrants legal ones even and Koreans will most likely have to fear even more prejudice in our country than they already have.

Shame on you media...ALL OF YOU! Shame on our country for once again showing stupidity in the face of grief.