Over the top

Seattle is the city I live in. One in which I also happen to grow up in and have continued to call it home. Watching it grow and become what it is today, a city. I have watched a small town with lots of farmland surrounding it turn into a full blown city. Rural to urban in just a few decades.

Amazingly enough like everything on this planet it has changed rapidly, but so with it has the weather. When I was a kid running around with neighbors playing kick the can and being out until 11 on those "hot" summer nights. Our averages were in the low 70's. Being the older putz that I currently am and having decades go by has created a huge change.

We will be in the 90's the rest of this week, bah. Beyond our temps rising in summer to high 70's to low 80's I have become grumpier throughout. I liked those "hot" summer nights in the 70's, mid was fine.

Like all things stack it on top and get used to it. It's just the way it is. Acceptance is the only option. Even when it seems over the top.