Saturday Night

The day is coming to a close. My list to accomplish sadly will have to wait for another day. Barely crossed anything off. Laziness and timing as usual. Did score on a nifty 2 hour nap though late in the afternoon.

People can sleep easily in gray rainy days, I on the other hand love to sleep on the hot sunny days. Kill of the heated hours. As long as I can be placed into a darkish cooler room to escape.

Today did however finish up the official winter log haul. I know have more wood for winter than I had ever assumed. I ended up getting two folks that were way more than generous on there estimates of how much wood they are supplying. Hence I have at LEAST 2 years worth of firewood. I will most definitely be getting good use from my new wood insert this year.

Other than that and food shopping for the week been a lazy slug, oh well there is always tomorrow. Also my beloved punk o lunk will be here then as well and that will cheer me up a bit.