Seattle being warmer than Oklahoma City. That our government continues its path of lies and destruction. Those are just two things of what is wrong. The list is long and complicated.

Tomorrow at work we have a full day retreat. A splendid group of 17 folks getting together with the agenda to hear and understand one another a bit better. We get to gripe and listen to our fellow workers in the hopes to find that connection to make us all one big happy family. Yeah right. Wrong.

We get to meet in a place that has no air conditioning. Splendid. Wrong. We each have 10 minutes to discuss our selves and promote what we are proud of at work. Fun. Wrong.

We will walk away with a clear understanding of how important each one of us is within our department. Wrong.

See the list is long. That is one day where I get to waste 8 hours in some hot hole with folks to be honest I don't like on a work or even personal level. While I am there having a grand time my inbox for my real job will be filling and with our true customers getting crappy service while I am off having a touchy feely day with folks that don't really understand or have a clue as to what I really do. Makes good sense, right? Wrong.