Am I not happy with a job that allows me to have a fairly flexible schedule, making more time for my daughter. Or how it supports me financially fairly well and definitely compared to many in my position. There is even the great medical and retirement benefits. Sheesh, you would think with all this great stuff I could at least like it a little. Hell today is my 10 year anniversary even.

As of late (last few years), not. I hate meetings and it seems they only happening more. I certainly hate visual displays and intake tools. Let alone metrics and statistics of production process'. And who could so aptly forget Demand Capacity. Got to love the "Lean" process, not really. Toyota Way strikes. It may be good in some places, but not in our library.

Can I just do my job with out all the bullshit? Frustration aside please.

Come home in hopes of escape, not these days. Feeling trapped inside myself. Can always tell when I'm on a slide because all I want to do is sleep. Nice little fetal position on the corner of my bed in a dark room. Want that "do not disturb" sign of which I do not own.

Peace and Health.