Odd how life changes and yet not really. Busy weekend for our gang. One of the events was actually a Solstice Party from a friend way back. High school is such an odd place and I definitely was and odd duck, hence seeing some of the folks from that time is very strange for me.

Recently met up with a friend from the past and got invited to her party. Which was very fun, but odd non the less. Somehow mixing old with new highlighted how far I have moved along as have many of the people I saw. One gal who I can say I had no reaction to other than "hey" seemed almost identical to her past. Friendly, yet removed slightly from it all other than the immediate folks around her. Which now are her kids and family. That's cool.

One was as uptight now as she was in school. I was not fond of her then and I can say her blue eye shadow did not really intrigue me this time around either. Oddly enough she is doing what she was meant to. She is an artist and from the looks of her gallery posting she is good at it. Not that I would have doubts as in school she seemed to succeed in what ever she set out for. Splendid.

The host continues to be some type of middle ground. I liked her than and there is absolutely no reason to not enjoy her now. Her kids seemed friendly as did her husband. She has a beautiful house with an interesting life surrounding it. We all have our share of work either to be done or a path we cleared ourselves. I believe her path has already seen a lot of work and her life is moving in a splendid direction. It was fun seeing her with her friends and family, they are most likely who they have set out to be.

Lastly I saw someone whom I was close to many years ago. She had two of her three kids with her, both seemed like shinning images of her former self in different ways from one another. It was grand seeing her and yet, so sad. She obviously has seen more than she ever wanted to and yet she has more to go. I feel she still holds this spark of fun that she always had and yet it is dulled by time and place.

Standing and chatting with her about how and where I was seemed so odd and yet inspiring that just across the driveway my family lurked about. I realized once again what it means to be so damn lucky and how each one of these individuals brings something great into my life. I was pleased of exactly where I am, knowing how far I have come to get here and how content it feels to be me.

Life holds non stop challenges and yet I know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than my current place on the road.

Truth is out there keep searching.

Peace, Health and Happiness.