Ocean awaits me

My favorite place to be. I am here with my daughter and a couple of her friends. I miss the wife but she is home working and with the boys who had school. The place were staying will not be repeated but I am happy non the less. Kids are already at the beach, I will be joining them in a bit. These kids made me laugh yesterday as we went to the store to pick up food. I told them go grab some junk food for yourselves. In my day (including today) that would mean chips, cookies, and even candy. The kids returned with mangoes, bananas, berries and fruit juice. Okay the ocean is calling and since there is no phone service that is something.


Blogger Hey Monkey Butt said...

Wow!! Good kids picking out their "junk" food. Wishing I'd done the same thing all these years... Hope you had a blast at the beach!!

12:22 PM  

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