Look for the Joy

Let the simplicity of life move you. Every day is a new. Try and see through all that is in life. Enjoy the little moments. They can turn into the special times we can remember years later.

See the dark for what it is, learn and move through it. Don't skip or block it out, cause it will only come back to haunt you later. Try and see how much you have grown and learned from these points in life. They move us in directions we did not even see. New paths arrive when we had no clue new ones were necessary. Enjoy what is possible, don’t overlook the good.

Good is everywhere even in the dark. One makes choices and one needs to make the decision to enjoy as well. Do your best. If you truly do your best and only you know what that limitation is, then one can and will get some joy. Sometimes you must look deeper than other times, but fun is there, waiting to be soaked up.

Find it, remember each of us had to move ourselves; no one does it for us. Good luck, but in reality it is all up to us. Move forth and enjoy.

Enjoy what is brought forth.