The Day Ahead

Okay did not get the walk in, however did go in the back yard spent some time picking up many large and small branches from the surrounding trees.

The sky is gray with sun patches...hence more rain, yee haw. The air is clean and crisp. Perfect morning. Rain has stopped for the moment but will return shortly I hope. Looks like it.

Another day of working on getting crap out of the garage, some day the second vehicle will fit, I am sure.

But I think the weekend is screaming...write write...now if my head screamed what to write...all the better...*g*. We will see.

Later will take a nifty walk along the creek hopefully during a rainy bout, makes the walk that much more enjoyable.

Aw, here comes my rain again...perfect time for some Annie! May the weekend be splendid for all. Turn it up and enjoy.



Blogger Tamara said...

Until I saw your "currently playing" I thought you were going to be listening to the Annie Soundtrack.

Enjoy the rain, babe. Hot, hot, hot here. But that's normal for us and I like it. *g*

Posted 9/11/2004 at 2:40 PM by hodgetj

12:56 PM  

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