Listing to the rainfall...peace.

The sound of tranquility fills my mind. The morning will be perfect. A full night of rain will leave the air and the trees surrounding me with life and hope. The smell of plants and dirt will be overwhelming and wonderful. I think a nice early morning walk will be in order.

But for tonight I sit here and listen to large drops fall and cover the ground so freely. Listen to the wind whip by with the rain in sheets against the window. Sadly I realize others on this planet do not want to hear any more rain or wind, understandable, but for me it is like a gift.

One that has been greatly missed and I am glad it is home. A weather report of rain expected everyday for the next 10 days seems like perfection. May the morning clouds fill and pour down each and everyone one of those days. Cover the summer sun that has been way too hot and bright for months, let there be peace once again.

And for the rest of you, may it all go away.