A week of madness...

But isn't every week? What would life be if dull and boring? Sometimes it would be interesting to know. But I think dull and boring I could visit but wouldn't want to live there.

The path takes us through so much in life, we learn on each bump and curve. If we only had the straight and narrow, what have we truly seen in life? What passions have we missed out on? What knowledge has been skipped over? What have we denied ourselves...Truth?

It brings so much to us. For all the good and bad that is surrounding us, each of it has a place for us to learn and move from. To just blacktop over it, deny possibilities is turning away joy and fun. It is all mixed up together.

To have life in a whole, I feel we must have a complete picture, which seems to include a mixture of good and bad. They move hand and hand. The trick...feel it all out, get as much positive as one can from each experience. See each for what they are. Lessons and change of a stale and boring existence save us from the nothingness that can overtake ones life.

Even when one craves to be in the dull, it may only be for a vacation, but try not to stay to long. The filling up of the bland takes away so much color of our interesting parts.

Let the worry and the stress fall away. See the entire rainbow that shines in the front. Walk, run or crawl, but head towards it. Even gray is an amazing color. Don't let the smoothness take over. Feel each bump for what it is.

Find the Peace in the Truth.