Keep movin’

We say this in so many contexts, what does it mean? Literally keep going; hence get from one place to another. But even in that context it is highlighting the ideal of pathways. We as individuals need to keep going. Stagnating is not a good option. Ones growth and knowledge is highly weakened.

Sometimes the path suck or we are tired and don’t feel like moving, but in the end moving is our choice and we do it freely knowing that some bad outcomes are possible.

Reality faces us daily, but do we face it?

Procrastination comes in so many forms. Excuses, reasons, examples and out right No’s seems to be in our way. In the end we can only hurt ourselves and sometimes those around us by denying that change. It may be necessary. Take the steps needed. Find the truth or at least continue searching for it.

Cause next to something bad can also sit something so right; you didn’t even know it was possible.

Peace…happy Friday.