Where are we?

Wow is it only Wednesday? Is this good or bad? Unknown.

So on that note, shouldn’t one assume good? How do we as humans take in the day? Do you look each day as something good? If not, shouldn’t you?

See in my opinion shit is gonna happen whether we plan for it or not. And one can only find Fun, Joy and Peace by creating it for ones self, hence get busy. Take the unknown as all good, cause one-way or another we are gonna have deal with what ever arises. Why not look at it from the positive side. It brings us no good to only expect crap, since it is the unknown there really is no preparing, so I say be happy. Find some Peace today.

When was the last time you bought yourself a toy? A yo-yo, play-dough, silly-putty, what ever, find the buck and enjoy the moment. We have but a limited few, use them wisely. Read a book, see a movie, do something that makes you smile. Cause in the end that is what live is about…Living.

Enjoy and Peace.