Does life do this? One never knows, but it seems that way. I see patterns and I see them happening again and only I can change the outcomes, 'cause obviously I create the pattern and I live the circle. Now the key is stopping it before it is too late.

Sometimes life is so full of stuff and so overwhelmingly sad that we forget about the good bits that are next to us. I suggest paying close attention or you can watch you circle yourself into a situation you did not even expect.

Even among the bad lies so much good...maybe it is time to see that and just give up on the bad. Cut losses and hope the heart recovers soon. But it should when there is so much out there for us if we really look closely.


Blogger Tamara said...

Hard to change the outcomes when you've got friends who create their own patterns and live their own circle. We're all working to get out of our self-imposed ruts and normal routines but it's oh-so-easy to fall back on bad habits....

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