Days of thought...

Each day holds new ones; some may seem similar or familiar at least. Things repeat themselves but each time they do details may change. Days go by and return all the time. They bring forth memories that through the years can be seen in different light as our lives grow and change that times alters our thought process. What once was may not be now...the details have changed.

Life and how we choose to live it alters throughout. One can only hope that those around us accept and alter with it, just as we alter around others. We each affect one another, some affect us more than other...example having a daughter altered SO much, piece I never even realized are changed but they are. Somehow I think kids pull more of that than adults, but don't fool yourself, we each affect one another even if it is a small minute amount.

What we take away with any relationship is knowledge. How we use that is up to us. Each moment gives us the opportunity to use our knowledge, some use this knowledgebase more wisely then others that may be the trick. How effective are we at using all the tools we are given.

Today seek out some change. Learn, grow and move along with it, 'cause in the end it all happens with or without you.