Darkness of the early morning...

A time of peacefulness and serenity. The air is clear as ones eyes adjust to the darkness. Nothing but the sounds of nature is all about. Soon the craziness of the morning will begin. But for now the enjoyment of ones smoothie sitting on the front porch in the darkness enjoy the cool damp air is perfect.

Tuesday arrives fresh. Today holds so much. One can see there overflowing inbox for the challenge that it is. View the upcoming day as another step along the path, see what wonders are held within its boundaries.

The day is filled with opportunity and wonder. One will need to go to the gift store, post office and out for lunch. Then late in the day I may have been crazy or something, but I signed up to help out the preschool room's trip the creamery...(ice cream store), what the hell was I thinking?

Oh well my daughter is pleased. She should be, we are leaving at 3pm just in time when we normally go home, so this way she gets to go on this trip. Great planning, fill small children up with sugar before returning them to parents for the night. Wonder how thought and planned out this trip was...hmmm teachers getting even with us for all the sugared cereal or such...*grin*.

So a day of wonder and excitement, sort of. But lots of work ahead to...maybe I can amaze myself and get some projects actually done on time?

So the birds are waking up, time to get moving onto other items of the day. Enjoy, see what cunningly wonderful things await you.