Morning arrives smoothly

The daylight brings sunshine to start. I got up earlier and put some mulch down around the new beds that I dug up. Planted some bulbs and flowers to start. Veggies will come a bit later. Ripped up more of the overgrown ivy that slowly invaded everything while this house was empty for years. Next will be tougher work, the bamboo in the back needs desperately to be removed. I may not dig it up (that is back breaking); it may just get cut back. Trim some bushes and trees back and the yard will look acceptable for my year.

Looking around the yard seeing the overgrown features all about. Items not well tended just got out of hand with no control. Plants flourish and the more delicate and weaker ones died away.

Similar is life. We can allow parts of ourselves to become wild and take over, does that mean it is right? We are a mixture of so much. Each with a unique purpose and place that together creates a whole. When you go look at a yard, if there is just grass well trimmed you think that is nice, but when you see a yard with well trimmed grass and a beautiful well kept garden you are even more amazed by the sight. Mixture is good on so many levels. Remind yourself that. Each has a place.