Thursday rolls forward

Sleep vanishes as the darkness moves to light and invades ones senses. The grey of the morning light trying to break through the clouds, which has left the streets with wetness from the nights dew. Birds chirp awake in their morning duties.

A day forward...what can yet another day bring us? Everything and nothing. We as an adult get to make those decisions for ourselves. Who makes the decisions for those without that opportunity? And who is responsible for those decisions?

Responsibility...something people forget they have. Making a decision for ones self sometimes is difficult enough, but to actually be making those decisions for others can be enlightening and/or devastating within each realm.

Each of us looks at responsibility differently and moves in ways that make us all unique and defined. This creates us as the individual. So helping someone else in their path should be taken seriously and thoughtfully. Sadly some of us don't see that as the splendid opportunity and privilege it is. Why not? Teaching is learning in its own right. We only grow and learn to be better person by putting forth our best bits.

Seek the opportunity. Share knowledge and grow into the person you are meant to be. Learn what is absorbed and viewed from another...see the path to Truth. It lies in front of each of us and we need to be able to walk among all of life and see that knowledge along the road. Take responsibility, share it, teach it, and learn it. Grow and live.