Another day has opened up. More moments of life for the taking. Rain starts the day off right. Coming down in heavy sheets as ground tries to absorb more. The gray and overcast morning throws shadow and light all around, it be nifty.

Vision has cleared, the day lies ahead with no particular plans laid out. Rest still on the top of the list, but one is allowed to move about a bit more freely. Might be a good day to clean and sort...or just be slug.

Life throws us changes, physically and mentally and sometimes we need to accept them for what they are trying to say. Find our own solutions and deal with each situation as a new. See that each brings forth opportunities, whether expected or not.

Sitting back and waiting for the next move may not be the best plot. Take your next step forward and make something from it. Live life, don't let life lead you. Lead, learn and move at your will.