By whom? And why? Every wonder who made up those stereotypes? And ever wonder why so many folks box themselves and others into those defined spaces and followed some ideal that was presented to them?

Labels, do we fit them? Sure…I am a lesbian, I am a mother, and I am member of society, good, bad or indifferent. But one label alone does not define me, nor should it. We are each so incredibly unique and wonderful in our own right, why try to box your self in by some arbitrary tag or stereotype that someone else created?

Do you ALWAYS follow the usual? Do you only make decisions based on some system of what the usual does? Are you a marketer’s dream? Most folks I know and socialize with are not and nor would I want them to be.

We as humans have an innate ability to make choices for ourselves each and every day. So why follow some standard or path that someone else created? We have a tendency to be pack animals and follow a leaders anyway, but one should never give up there right to step outside the norm. Define yourself and see the strength that comes from it. Don’t judge others by their track either.

Don’t be a part of society that disrespects another, don’t be that person degrading someone else for there stance that may differ from your own. We may not agree on everything, but let it be a way to learn and enlighten ones own Truth. Seek the knowledge and the box falls away. Walls that are generated by some archaic system or outdated definitions should not be used or followed. Be yourself, sometimes you may find yourself standing up against the tide, but in the end you have done it through your own strength, let that see you through. Follow your path to Truth, not someone else’s.