Here comes the light...

Hopefully the rain will follow it soon. The birds are chirping and the air is heavy with dew. A morning brings forth another day in the block. Life continues to move, where and what is the unknown?

Today highlights nothing more than another end of the week is closing in. What is brought forth with this one? We each can look and see something unique in our path. Whether big or small there is something new along the way.

Even when one feels sluggish in there movement one cannot stop the change. It will occur with or without you, so it is in ones best interest to change or shape it into something hopeful and pleasant. Trick lies within the concept of how to do that.

The rain seems to be here once again, bringing spring up close. Allowing the ground to burst with plants and life, time to shape some of that perhaps this weekend. The softened ground may allow the change. A step into something new. The dirt may accept new life and opportunity given to it. Changing its structure and path.

Life gives us this opportunity, why is it so hard to move with the change. One can easily pull up or transplant plants all around, but in sections of life one is more weary of change and movement why is that? It is healthy, one never knows. Acceptance of facts is instrumental in life. See what is placed in front; make the changes necessary that create acknowledgement. Learn, grow, and move with trepidation, but move when necessary. Harder said then done.

Good Luck, Peace.