Every wonder where it comes from and why it can show up in oddest times? How does one put his or her own fears away when having to help someone else through it? Things happen and scare us, but as adults we can find a space to accept it and move forward through it, but for kids it must be much bigger. Learning how to explain fear to a child seems to be a lesson I need help on lately.

That fun seems like an uphill battle since my own issues seem so wedged into my life. My own fear of standing out there with no answers being tops on the list.

Balance, where does it come from and what happens when we no longer have it? Does one truly realize the importance of it? I doubt. Until it be gone. Life depends on it. What happens when it be so far out of whack that standing is no longer standard? The floor seems like ones best defense, sad actually, been there.

How do we let that fear be something to grow and learn from and not overwhelm us?



Blogger Tamara said...

Not much to say to you, babe. What you live with day to day would make some people sink in despair so having your own bout with it is understandable. I also know that deep within are reserves of strength that you often underestimate. Wish I could be there. (((((E)))))

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