Why do they ask?

"How dizzy are you on a scale from 1-10"

...After this morning I think I need to re-evaluate my scale.
My thought process:
I was able to walk on my own into the lab.
I coherently (or fairly coherently) responded to the questions given to me.

...so I put my dizzy and nauseousness at an 8.

So when she drew the blood I was fine 'til the needle came out...boom...breakfast hit her shoes.

Her comment in a friendly manner..."that is 10"

Oh well next time I'll know.

I Learned something today, what did you learn?


Blogger Tamara said...

Okay. On the negative side, you were so dizzy you puked on some poor woman's shoes. On the positive site, you now know that your formerly 8 dizzy is a 10. *g*

Big hug, babe. Rest tonight and lots of quiet.

3:07 PM  

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