Monday arrives in peace

The morning slowly takes shape. Even the birds seem a bit quiet this morning. Daylight appears. Rain is promised we will wait and see. The night brought some dampness, but the morning is dry.

All seems quiet for the moment. Work calls this morning, but I will only go in for a few short hours to keep the inbox down to overload and not freak out mode. Vacation be nearing its end for at least a few months.

I am finding even in my vacation mode my life seems a bit non-essential. Things to work on. Reality must be evaluated and changed if necessary. The current path seems to be steep and one seems to almost slide backwards, perhaps one shall seek a different road.

Meeting people has been more than a tremendous help, however from each experience one sees reality of what one has become. It only highlights reality of ones existence or there lack of.

One has waited for change and now one must figure out how to create that. Life ahead...perhaps.