Where does it come from? How can one control it where it should be? How can one find more?

A drizzly gray Sunday arrives. I spent the early morning hours snuggled up reading...this feels like weekend time. But on the other hand when everything else is chaos around me it is also an escape from reality.

To be in a dark warm cocoon reading fiction that takes us away from our reality is escape. Allowing ones self to emerge into another world and forget all that lies in wait or not is easy.

Getting up and moving forward is becoming the challenge. Fighting the physical and mental strains that pulls one back to the safe spaces. Life must move forward, mentally I know it, but somehow I feel myself slip into that non-reality of life.

Motivation needs the reasoning behind it elevate one to the level of change. It needs a driving force pulling us through. What happens when both the mental and physical entities are even in their need of escape? One cannot pull and tug the other through.

We almost always have one fighting the other it allows us the opportunity to trudge through the worst of things. Unfortunately when both are in the same place one must find a deeper Truth to say enough.

Today is enough. Music will be played loud. House will get cleaned. Bills will get paid. Errands will be run. Maybe by the end of the day the dragging of ones mind and body will get to see the ramifications of strength and find some Motivation at the end of the line.

Good luck to us all. Peace.