Beautiful things they are...but in reality they are the protectors of one body and mind. There reason for being is protection first and foremost. An armor that surrounds the organism from danger.

How does one go about patching a shell? Sometimes it is easier to peel an old one away and get a newer stronger one, many beings do this as they outgrow or damage a shell. Then others hope the wound heals and grows over, leaving a fore-ever weak spot. One in which to be more aware of each day.

Non-fatal wounds heal, but sometimes they leave such a large scar that healing is never complete. Leaving the host damaged for life.

One can only hope that each wound heals appropriately. Scars are not bad until they refuse to heal completely and then their reoccurrence of problems only creates and shows the weakness within. Those can be life or death.

Next time see the beauty and the strength and hope one is stronger than the other.