Sun is out...already

After a wonderful week of rain and thunderstorms we are settling into a pattern of Sun...boring. The garden and most of Seattle may enjoy it, but I being the grumpy shit am not. One cannot complain too much since rain has been abundant the last few weeks and it is actually forecasted on the holiday weekend...so that be nice.

Gonna hit a beach this weekend sometime...need to find the water. Sit and read for a while. Life is only what we make of it or so they say. Wonder who "they" are? Well lately one has made a mess of there mind but there life seems stable in its amounts of nothing.

Creation...how do we go about structuring such an idea? Answers, answers, answers...where are you? Aw wait yes...you live inside me, now all I have to do is find them. All I want to do is be absorbed in and never have to come out. Sadly not enough room.

So onward we go looking for all the moments that are being created, looking for the Truth, which stands shadowed in front of me. Looking for a path one that does not seem so rough but in the end will trudge through the thick again.

The day continues bright, wonder why it seems so dark.