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Honesty is the best policy. But I am learning policies have exceptions. Truth is something important to me and the beliefs I have in others. I trust if I ask a question I will get an honest answer.

I think the difference might be that I pay attention to the question. I believe that if I ask somebody something I want Truth. But perhaps some people ask questions that in reality they do not want a solid answers to. Why do that? Maybe folks need to be careful for what they ask for?

Some are just smarter. They realize the Truth may be something they really do not want to hear; hence they forgo asking the question. In reality they already know the answer or at least have a fairly good idea about it. If a question is set up to answer in a specific way maybe the questioner should not be asking?

We can all take note I guess. Reminders all around. Truth is always a good idea, however one must also be aware of the situations on a more sympathetic level. And within that same respect a reminder, when asking a question, be completely prepared for ANY answer. With each of us being unique one can truly not know what another will say till it has been said.

Good luck to all of us. Peace.


Blogger Renee said...

People sometimes don't answer truthfully for fear of hurting that person. I believe that sometimes that we do have to evaluate if giving the complete truth will be more helpful or more hurtful in the longrun. And are one's intentions truly to be helpful in giving a truthful answer. I think that there are rare occasions where it isn't that simple to be truthful. Just a thought to consider.

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