A run in with the Truth, perhaps?

Knowing it and accepting it are very different. To see in is one thing, to see and accept what lies with in that another.

Things are not truly repeatable in life. Situations and circumstances vary either in large ways or in minute ways...but exactly the same they are not.

Our heart follows that path. We love in various methods. At times it absorbs into us fully that does not mean there is no room left inside. Perhaps it may feel full but and complete but in the end there is always more room. Each moment we seek to put something else in our heart we find and unlimited space for it. It is up to us how we choose to place within our self.

I do not believe we have some single entity that "completes us" or that some "soul mate" can seek us out for a perfect fit. Sometimes I wish I did believe it, but in the end life has proven that love exists everywhere and each creates the momentum to produce more. Love is work; it is not simple and clear.

Anything at times can be what we envision it to be. We can fool others and ourselves often with some magical concept of Reality, but Truth lies within and one only needs to seek it for clarity to the heart.

Hearts are big. They can be damaged in parts, however the good news is that room to grow and seek new is available at anytime. One just needs to be willing to move forward and accept the current reality. What grows within our hearts gets to move along with us and change as we do. Hearts can create joy, seek it and see what is out there.


Blogger Renee said...

That was nicely stated. And while yes as you said our hearts may get damaged now and then, but they do mend to love again. The great thing is that our hearts are capable of providing a neverending supply of love, so we musn't be stingy with it! As you said, sometimes it can be hard work. But love also can be the easiest thing in the world!

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