Turn around the weekend is already in play. A lot accomplished the last 5 or so days and amazingly enough through a rip roaring crappy cold/flu thing as well. Still phlegm filled, but hey getting better. The fevers are gone and one does not feel like the truck hit them, hence better.

Work is at least in order for a few days and home is halfway organized and quarter of it is cleaned. I also got that damn lawn mowed in-between the flawless spring rains.

Looking forward to complete relaxation and the Okie's arrival tomorrow. One trip to the airport with the shuttle back home and the slugfest begins.

As I type this I am realizing I was sick on my damn last vacation to the ocean with my daughter. Hmmm, what does that say, only sick at vacations? WTF, am I saving it all up? Whatever I will enjoy this one despite not feeling 100%.

Let there be Peace, please.