The days continue to slide by

Spent all day yesterday doing some web development training for work is burned my brain. Hopefully going to be able to do more (doubtful with budgets and all). Quiet around the homestead with no punk o lunk, but I have been very happy to be getting the daily check-in calls from her.

Not really looking forward to the weekend when silence will get more complete as the online partner in crime also goes away for a well deserved family vacation. Hoping they all get a break and have fun, but feeling time will inch by on my end.

Work has become so political once again that I have crawled into my shell hoping to wait it all out. We will see. Thinking with all this down time I can get the house in order, organize some closets, drawers and other spaces, post some useable stuff to eBay, and haul on my very nifty new CD collection catalogue.

Wouldn't it be nice to get all that done...how doubtful is that? Fairly. I could become even more of a boring slug and couch potato it all as I watch DVDs for the numerous times. Living in this reality that does not nor will ever exist in my life, hence why one escapes through movies in the first place.

Alone, time to get used to it and yet I seem to kick and scream at every corner. You would think with my years of earlier solitude I could deal with it, somehow less viable now. Perhaps it’s the concept that as my body ages I lose that ability to hear and enjoy what’s left and I am seemingly am doing nothing about it.

Well too much to think about now, time to continue on the circular path of nowhere.