One will hope to get more of that over the next few days. Made me smile even in the darkness as a small body snuggled up to me with only the words "cold mom". The little body certainly did not feel cold. Hence I slept little from that snuggling point on. But as I type the kiddo is still sound asleep, so that be good.

Amazing to me that one could be cold after the last few days of not. Closer to norm today and I truly cannot believe I am typing that when it should reach 80. In the past I would have categorized 80 as uncomfortable and wishing for our norm. Odd how a perspective can change so dramatically.

Perhaps by late summer I once again can think of 80 as uncomfortable and hoping for my low 70's.

So the day will hold nothing of value. Have to give up the pumpkin once again to be alone. Will try and get a few chores down and move to slug behavior from there.



Anonymous jo said...

wish i could send you some of our cold to make it even cooler for you ... k

3:18 AM  
Blogger E said...

Me To! It got to be 87 that day and an unpleasant 83 yesterday. Hence I want that cold! Also I would love to have Okie's unwanted rain that seems to at odds with there usual summer weather patterns.

Thanks for the wish, if only...

6:59 AM  

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