Saturday Morning

Woke up to clouds, yeah, more rain please.

Yesterday was filled with fun. First no work, that rocked. Took the day to be with my returned punk o lunk. We spent a couple hours swimming at the local pool. Then home to be slugs. After dinner went to the cheap movie theatre and saw Shrek 3. Could have waited for the DVD on that one. Will buy it just because, but not overwhelmed with joy. One and two were much better.

Today we are taking it slowly and will head off with thousands of others headed towards downtown. The madness of baseball, football and basketball all in one day in downtown Seattle should make the traffic and parking special. However we are going to see the Seattle Storm. One never knows how many more games are going to be played here. I really want pumpkin to see a professional women's basketball game be for they move to Okieland.

Hence more stress on the ears. Perhaps tomorrow I will cut them some breaks.

Even amongst all this fun nothing other than the hugs from the pumpkins make light. Living in darkness and looking for the door.