Easy ...

is not me. I am one of those people that expect and criticize non-stop. Whether work or life I try to hold a sense of rightness for who I am, my expectations of those and myself that surround me. Noting this is not always good for everyone and that is obvious by my life and it's choices.

We all make decisions based on what is right for us and that is what matters most. I hold my values fairly open and try not to bounce against them to often. Mind you, like everyone I end up going outside of the line once in a while. But in general I hope those that know me well will understand how important these values are to me.

At work I do my best and hate the politics that currently surround me. I try and avoid as much as possible unsuccessfully most of the time. I am confident in what I do and that creates a sense of comfort for me. This gives me the ability to stand on my position fairly regularly and strongly as well. I am finding that is not always a good place to be. Whether right or wrong that confidence continues to place me in the doghouse. But that is work and I shall live through it.

Outside of work I have much more ability to control what I do and don't have to take or deal with, hence making Truth and Value much more important to me than most things. Once again being the overly aggressive shit that I am I put forth my suggestions and advise freely. Folks as usual have the right to take or disregard as they wish. The one thing I do hold though is honesty within that value.

Truth is something important to me. If one is near me they know this and if not then they do not know me very well. Either there is Trust or not. Each is a choice or path that we decide to take. But one holds value for me and one does not.

Regret is a choice one can have without accepting reality and knowledge. Each decision and piece helps us grow and move forward sometimes in different pathways. Acceptance of that reality is life. Choices and decisions get made, sometimes one just needs to accept that.

Peace and Health.