Health and Hell

Sometimes they roll together into one. I have known for weeks that stress is high. The last week or so I have taken huge steps to take care of myself. Extra sleep, eat right, lots and lots of vitamins. Sadly on Tuesday I took the opportunity to see my kiddo since she has not been around for a week or so. Went to a restaurant and had dinner with her and grandma.

Restaurants at times are fine and other times, when on edge, not so good. Tuesday not so good. Wednesday got up feeling like crap still but doable. Went to work got more shit piled on top came home to usual stress went to bed by 8, trying to give my body a break. Woke up Thursday feeling lightheaded. Not a good start. Way too much at work though, hence off I go. 5 am is awfully early hence got tons done prior to the mad house beginning. Good thing. By 8 am I could barely stand. By nine the vomiting had started. Full blown episode had arrived.

Went home, to be honest not very wise, should have called cab. Drugged thyself slept the day away. Woke up vomiting on occasion. Nifty...pee, vomit drink water take more drugs and back to bed. By early evening still vomiting, not so good. One needs that to stop right quick. Call in, fight with doctors about why I cannot come to urgent care. Finally get drugs prescription sent to local pharmacy (rarity for Group Health). I had to be willing to eat all costs...shit that was an easy choice.

Mike picked up my drugs and brought them home. Relief from vomiting arrived. Now just plain old dizzy, with plenty to go around.

No work today, hence Monday will be Hell. But in reality the last 24 hours has easily filled that bill as well. My time awake is more today, but will go drug myself for more sleep soon. The off and on of Menieres. Hell is here and now. Need it to go hide away for a while again.

I wonder how long it will take. Enough video for me. The bed awaits. At least the cats seem happy with the situation.

Peace and Health.


Blogger Beth said...

Wow. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so rough. I'm sending lots and lots of good thoughts your way (and sneaking in a prayer or two).

Love, Beth

4:11 AM  

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