Craig's list

We needed wood for winter. I have called and set up 5 different deliveries. Stood up each and every time. If you are not able to deliver it why did you bother to post in the first place? Dumbshits. So, been looking for last couple months, literally.

Finally last week got a hold of a guy sell me half cord for 120 of red cedar...okay, set up a date. Uh...I will call you once it is all split and loaded. Okay, whatever. On to the next one on the list. Sure we have wood, can we deliver tomorrow? FUCK YEAH!

That was Saturday, delivered and we all stacked. Now this morning get a call, hey wood is all split and ready to go. Uh...great. Another half cord today. Craig's list does work, eventually.

I am now officially sick of stacking wood. On top of being dizzy and tired. The day comes to a end. Life continues to challenge, but hey, at least I feel less alone during those times.

And yes I know I owe a couple of you phone calls...I will get to it, I promise.

Onward. Peace and Health.