The day will be another filled with heat. Yeah, not that bad to many, but for me, hell. I need a break and hopefully a return to my low 70's. That is comfortable...this other shit is not.

I sleep like shit and only gets worse from there. Mentally and physically it seems to take its toll. One in which gets worse with time.

Today I got lucky with a 3 plus hour meeting got cancelled, so I could get on top of another project ASAP. Hence push the meeting off to tomorrow or Monday when other projects were due. I have no idea how long I can deal with this constant pull. I guess once again Time will tell.

Feeling very tired and worn out today, but have WAY too much to have accomplished to consider packing it in. And not like tomorrow is looking any clearer. Sadly seriously considering coming in over the weekend to try and catch up. Wonder if it is even possible at this point?

Peace, cool weather and perhaps if possible Health.