Friday! Work has been over the top. The weather has sucked. Migraines have not helped. And I am so over summer. I sure as hell do not want anymore over 90 days and sadly at least one more and the high chance my convergence zone section will triple digit it. ewwww.

I have a ton of things I would like to get done prior to hitting the airport to pick up Tamara and the boys, but I fear it may not happen. At this point I will be happy with getting a couple of the things accomplished. I will settle for what ever. Most likely it will be done early tomorrow morning before heat sets in once again.

One bright side was me dumping a lot of money into a portable AC unit last year. Worth every fucking penny! Hell at this point it would be nice to invest into second one for the living room or kiddo's room. But pleased with at least my one. They only bring down temp about 15 degrees when the temperatures hit these kind of highs, but is nothing to sneeze at when you look at the alternatives.

So, off I go to hide in my room. Grumpy, headachy and tired...but cooler.

Peace & Health.