Friday even. A once in a lifetime date. Perhaps a day to buy a lotto ticket or not. Will go to work, be overwhelmed once again with meetings and pushed off projects that are not way behind due to some other project squeezing in the middle.

The day will go along way to fast, but at least it will be air conditioned. Come home to another night of tons of shit I would like to get done, but energy to do nothing. Another day feeling slightly dizzy and under the weather. One will hope the weather at least comes through.

Looking forward to moving away from the heat and back into the averages. Weekend shows signs of rain. One can always hope. No sleeping in for me, up at 8am to pick up a u-haul and drive over to Emily's to pick up some hand me downs for Mike. All in the mornings work.

A weekend of want to do's and yet energy is needed for that to happen, so who knows.

But hey at least today is 08/08/08...there has to be something good in there, right?

Peace and Health.