The last couple of months...

have completely solidified my reasons for being a lesbian. Let's be honest, not like I was questioning it to begin with, but like, wow. After two months I have come to think, why aren't there more?

One needs to point out that I think it is damn important to have them in our society and I definitely want my daughter to have more of them around. But I do wonder why are they the "leaders" in most countries including ours? But then again, look at our leaders. I guess that does speak for itself.

Peace and Health.


Blogger Tamara said...

They do have their good points. You're just living with one who's been spoiled for the last ten years or so.

This post made me laugh btw.

8:41 AM  
Blogger E said...

Laughing is always good.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Brilliantly Mad said...


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