I suck at this blogging thing lately. Hard to know why. Chaos or what feels like chaos is my only lame excuse. Well that and I don't feel like writing anything down probably has a bit to do with it all as well.

Life. Consists now of so much. Full. I think that best describes it currently. Work...Sucks, that I know fits. Still getting use to all the changes. Oddly enough I believe it is going better than I thought it would. Issues of course, but less than I imagined. Maybe I am not paying attention. Hell I don't know.

I feel more happy than anything else as of late and that I know that's a grand thing. Perfection it is not, but then that is good since I live in reality.

One step each day. Bringing us closer to what I am not sure. Obviously not retirement since each days seems to make that a year further out.

Thank you greedy mother fucking Americans. Blame yourselves for the reality of where our economy is at, there is no one else in the mirror. Whether it be the overly paid CEO investment banks or the dipshit that borrowed way outside of reality and means because some other greedy mortgage broker could cut them a "good deal". A buzzing reminde, if it looks to good and smells to good...it's full of shit and reality will eventually catch up. Welcome to reality folks.

Now that I have properly ranted and blogged, goodnight.

Peace and Health.