No not me...I wish, but hey next best thing, the house is thinned. Any more packing now is icing on the cake. Each box is one less down the road. Hence, I plan on filling a few more as we go along.

I like the idea of having less to pack in the future. Since obviously half this stuff is not even being used packing it away for a few months should be nothing. Now finding a space for all this packed away boxes may become more of a tricky process.

Shall I trust and put it over at the other house, but I keep thinking what if he moves sooner than us? Shit, I would have to move all these boxes again, hence I will be taking a look at the shed and trying to start there. Packing that away as well and making it a bit more storage friendly seems like a good idea.

The week ahead seems to be filled and work will be absolutely no exception. However it seems there will be a break on the home front the following week and yet work will continue to be crazy. July shall be an interesting month for sure.

Here is hoping it goes as I want... :-)

Peace, Health and Happiness.