Are we? Depends on your definition. Perhaps in a general sense yes. However look past that and see the reality of a truly self-absorbed person.

Some are more so than others. Amazingly enough, some may not even realize how self-absorbed they are. And in that same vein, I truly believed many of these people would be disappointed in themselves if they truly saw that reality. It may be something done as so *normal* they no longer even notice it.

Is it time to question a person on this? Absolutely. Who better to explain things to a person than the ones that care about us most? Friends and family. We all have different realities. Share yours once in a while. It may be eye opening and knowledgeable for someone else.

How often do we step back and think about what we see, hear, and notice on a day-to-day basis? The little things. Do you lean on others for support? Do you allow others to lean on you for support? Those small things add up. See the obvious. It is all there, one just needs to acknowledge and accept it.

Look hard. Listen, signals are given, one needs to take those and involve themselves to get answers or knowledge. Grow, learn and keep moving.

Good luck and Peace.


Blogger Tamara said...

As humans we all have a tendency to be self-absorbed. I think sometimes it becomes difficult for people who may be in a bad situation to see that everything doesn't revolve around them. You get in a self-pity loop and everything looks like it's against you. The trick is to be self-aware enough to know when you're being an ass and smack yourself out of it. And yes, sometimes friends need to do the smacking as much as it pains them to do so.

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