One step at a time...

It be how life should move. However ever notice sometimes a leap is thrown in there? Or perhaps you have seen the gallop?

We as thinking bodies usually do better at the slower pace. It allows us time to absorb and contemplate all of our choices and decisions carefully. But as usual there are exceptions to all rules. So one must live with that and do the best they can.

You know we hear the statement "rules were meant to be broken"...I am not sure broken is the key word that should be used. How about saying, "all rules have exceptions", even if we have no clue about those exceptions. They may come up and surprise, one needs to roll with it. Learn to adapt to the change and move forward. Don't get stuck on the excitement of the new.

Good, bad and indifferent...so many things happen. Take each as a moment unique to itself, but important to the whole. One cannot go around holding up a moment in life and using that to judge the whole. One must look at the complete picture and merge it as one.

Learn, grow and don't forget to play. Enjoy.



Blogger Tamara said...

I would like very little galloping in my life thank you very much. At least I know when galloping happens, it will eventually run its course and slow back down to a walk. If not, I'd be cranky all the damn time and that makes everyone around me cranky too.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Lost_in_my_head said...

ooo. nifty new blog. very cool. maybe i should fix mine up...nah. ive got too many as it is. :) Wizard

11:56 AM  

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