The Weekend

The head seems to be full of words sometimes. Why are they so hard to put down on paper or typed into a computer?

Motivation continues, one must take that and run when ever possible. Since, I am unable to get all the words out I can say the bathroom and kitchens are much cleaner.

And two more shelves in the garage. So close and yet the 2nd vehicle still will not fit. Maybe one more good solid day of garage motivation and it will be there.

Music loud weekend. Working hard weekend. But in the end, this weekend has been very close to something so good. A lot of the positive and very little of the negative. Wonder how I can sign up for more of these?



Blogger Tamara said...

You may not have gotten *all* the words out but you got a whole damn lot of 'em on paper. Good job on the writing and the home fix-it projects.

1:22 PM  

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